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Photography by Nature

Passionate about Nature and its environment, I blossom very early in contact with animals of all kinds and flora. It is during my walks in the confines of enchanting forests that my desire to immortalize the natural world to make it appear in as many people as possible wins over me. Wishing to protect and pamper Mother Nature, it is through a first film box that I box my precious subjects.  

The years pass and I always confront myself closer to the wild fauna and flora. The billebaudes (walks in search of natural photographic subjects) and the hides have no more secrets for me. Preserving the natural world around us becomes my priority and my personal duty. It is through my shots taken in the heart of the forest and on the edge of the fields that I reveal the fragility of this world.

Protecting nature has become my way of life, and my photos will serve many times to support and reveal the environmental emergency.  

Now over 30 years old, my devouring passion for photography is put to use in promoting local actors. My environmental ethics being the most precious to me, I continue my photographic adventure through new countries as soon as possible.  

Concerned about detail and the fragility of the world, my shots are filled with emotions, feelings, voluptuousness and shimmering colors. A mixture straight from Nature, the one that taught me everything. 

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Moorea-Tahiti-  French Polynesia

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